Senior Pastor / CEO
Archbishop LeRoy Bailey, Jr., 129
Senior Advisor to Archbishop Bailey
Rev. Reathie J. Bailey, 129
Rev. Dr. Michael D. Bailey, 108
Administrative Assistant to Archbishop Bailey
Cheryl Sampson, 129
Assistant Pastor
Executive Director of Operations
Rev. LeRoy Bailey, III, 105
Executive Assistant to Pastor LeRoy Bailey, III
Human Resources Coordinator
Robin Smith, 147
Church Receptionist
Mary Hartfield, 100
Ida Coleman, 106
Special Events / Volunteer Coordinator
Thresa Collins, 190
Minister of Finance 
LaTreese Johnson, 138
Finance Administrator
Sharon Gamble, 107
Finance Assistant
Myrtle Sutherland, 103
Counseling Ministry Supervisor
Rev. Dr. Ernestine Roberts, 121
Substance Abuse Ministry Coordinator
Rev. Fred Lawrence, 125
Ministry Development Pastor
Rev. David Fothergill, 175
Community Life Pastor/New England School of Ministry
Rev. Dr. Mike Morawski, 166
Youth Pastor/Director
Min. Elijah Oliver
Director of Music Ministry
Cinque Cullar, 112
Food Services Manager
Leann Davies, 146
Facilities Manager
Gil Davis, 137
Facilities Manager Assistant
Romances Crawford
Christian Education
Rev. Eric Whitfield, 177
Van Service
Rudy Thomas, 170
Linda O'Neal, 118
The First Connection Bookstore, 117