Pastor Jason Alvarez

Sunday, March 20, 2011, 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM


Pastor Jason Alvarez

Pastor Jason is the presiding founder and pastor of The Love of Jesus Family Church.  The ministry began over 23 years ago with his wife and co-pastor, Gale, as they traveled extensively with R.W. Shambach, preaching day meetings and leading evening worship services. In February 20, 1982 Pastor Jason was ordained to the ministry.

Pastor Jason has traveled extensively, ministering throughout Latin America and Europe where he has been used as a pioneer to share on the revelation of Praise and Worship. The Love of Jesus Family Church is prayerfully and financially involved in Missions Work throughout all of India, Central Africa, France, the Philippines, Latin America and recently Guatemala and Cuba.
Dedicated to Spirit Filled Worship, LOJ has built a state of the art recording studio where over 70 albums have been produced and released worldwide. Dedicated also to creative media, The Love of Jesus TV programs, Life’s Journey and Spotlight touch the hearts of millions and we give God all thanks and Praise.

Pastor Jason Alvarez is an anointed Psalmist with a keen ability to bring worshippers into the presence of God through His musical gifting. His Pastoral, Teaching and Apostolic calling have developed and flow through his authority as a chief musician and singer and especially have developed through his extensive time spent in prayer and God’s Word.
Pastor Jason is a loyal and dedicated husband, father, overseer, songwriter, producer and artist. Pastor Jason's music has been translated into ten Foreign languages and distributed around the world.

Pastor Jason has a refined sense of the moving of the Holy Spirit. He leads his congregation, time and time again into the presence of the Lord. There is always a deep sense of awe and intimacy with the Lord as Pastor Jason leads his musicians, singers and congregation in a time of worship. A pervasive atmosphere of reverence, grace and Glory fills the sanctuary during times of worship at the Love of Jesus Family Church. The anointing of God and the experience of complete love brings healing to souls in a special way as Pastor Jason, skillfully brings unity to the deep worship experience through the Holy Spirit and his natural musical giftings.

As you worship at the Love of Jesus family church you will be blessed as Pastor Jason flows supernaturally in this uncanny instinctive Singing of Passionate love songs directed to God that nurture spiritual hunger and relationship with the Life and Love giver himself, Jesus Christ. The refreshing times of worship at LOJ are touching as the spirit filled anointed music fills the empty soul with hope, the wounded soul with healing and the searching soul with the Love of Jesus.

As a preacher and teacher of God’s Word, Pastor Jason’s messages are filled with divine wisdom, practical application and impressions by the Holy Spirit. His inspired messages, impart biblical truth that will lift believers and non believers to new levels of victory with their daily trials, hopes, pursuits and dreams. When Pastor Jason delivers a message you can be sure that they are soaked with prayerful meditation and supernaturally cut to the bone and marrow of life. Pastor Jason has a Jesus heart for the broken and a God given desire to help people reach their divine dreams. His hope is that many in Christ will cross the finish line with victory and the refreshing joy of God’s blessing.

Currently, Pastor Jason Alvarez and LOJ are planning to build a 48,000 square feet life center that will be a community outreach to support families in the arts, academics and athletics. Stay in touch as these plans unfold.

Sunday, March 20
8 a.m. and 10:45 a.m.
Rev. Jason Alvarez, Senior Pastor
The Love of Jesus Family Church, Orange, NJ