Intake – The primary purpose of the Intake team is to meet the needs of all new First Cathedral members and to make their membership transition an enjoyable and loving experience.  This requires that the team lead the people from the altar into The New Members Room. There, the Intake Team prays with new members as needed and assists each new member with completing the new member profile card. The Intake Team also explains the new member process and classes to each new member and encourages them to attend the next step in the new member process which is Fellowship First.  At all times we are to flexible, ready, willing and able to meet new requests and challenges.

Fellowship First– Fellowship First is the first step of the Kingdom Citizen Series at The First Cathedral. Fellowship First is designed to meet and address the needs of adults and children receiving the Lord for the first time or joining the church by way of Christian experience. This very important small group meets primarily on Tuesday nights from 6-7:00pm. For members that can't make Tuesday's there are also meetings on Sunday in-between services. Through a brief overview of the church, we welcome our new family members and encourage them to continue to grow in the Lord through prayer, the Word of God, and the various classes and ministries that are offered here at The First Cathedral.  In this small group atmosphere new members can feel free to share whatever is on their heart or ask any questions as it relates to their life, transition and Christian experience.  

Kingdom First – This is the 2nd step of the Kingdom Citizen Series for adults at The First Cathedral. This course will focus on the importance of the biblical principle of sowing financially into the Kingdom of God. As believers, we have dual citizenship and the Church is a very important part of the Kingdom of Heaven. God requires all Christians to be faithful to both the Government of God and the government of men. God’s infinite wisdom is seen in His plan to fund the advancement of His Kingdom in the Earth. This is one  exciting class you don’t want to miss. The session is offered on Sundays at 9:45am in the Chapel or Tuesday evenings in the First Academy from 6-7pm.

Growing in Christ – This is the 3rd step of the Kingdom Citizen Series for adults at The First Cathedral. The Growing in Christ series for new members is an absolute must for all people wanting a closer walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. In this series of 13 classes, the disciple will learn life giving lessons on the assurance of salvation, answered prayer, forgiveness and God’s guidance. In addition, you will learn to live in God’s strength, how to love, the importance of giving and how God works in our lives. This course is full of reassuring and uplifting scriptures and you will find that Growing in Christ will change your life for the better. These classes are offered on Sundays in the Chapel on the 2nd floor in-between services or in the First Academy on Tuesday nights from 6-7pm.

Enhancement – This is the 4th step of the Kingdom Citizen Series for adults at The First Cathedral. This series of classes focuses on the spiritual enhancement of adults through the Word of God. How to pray, what faith is, how to study the Bible, how to relate to your Pastor and your spiritual gifts are just a sampling of the classes offered. Each course meets on Sundays in the balcony of the sanctuary in-between services and there are 4 classes per course.

Baptism – Baptism is the first step to publicly declaring your faith in Jesus Christ and is also a first step in building a strong foundation for marriage and family. Baptism means that I publicly proclaim that I’m a believer in Jesus Christ. At The First Cathedral, we believe in Baptism by immersion in water. In fact, if you join as a new believer, it is one of our requirements for membership. We have a Baptism Class that meets on the 3rd Tuesday of every month and the Baptism itself is on the 4th Tuesday at the beginning of Bible Study. Baptism is a biblical church ordinance and it is also one of the ways people in the Bible said, “I am part of this family called Christians”. When Christ left this earth He didn't tell us to remember his birth – He told us to remember his death, burial, and resurrection. We do that through the Lord's Supper and baptism. Baptism is one reflection of a believer living out a biblically based, obedient, Christian life. Baptism doesn't save people; it's the symbol of it.